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May 23 2018

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May 22 2018





i think the hip new trans thing to do should be choosing as inconvenient a name as possible. like, you have a sibling of the same gender? choose their name. choose ur parent’s name. choose ur pet’s name. choose ur best friend’s name. make ur name a common noun (that isn’t already a name like lane is). call urself “chair.” open the dictionary to a random page and point, now That’s ur name. have a different name for each day of the week

Good morning I’m Swim and I’m here to be fucking nuisance

whats up my name is nineteen i’m nineteen years old and i never learned how to read

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it him (✿◕‿◕)


me: *plays it risky by telling a mutual about characters I hate*



May 21 2018







I always laugh when somebody declares James Potter on the verge of expulsion for his pranks in fic because Malfoy was literally a Death Eater trying to kill the Headmaster and Dumbledore was like “Let’s just see if we can gently guide him away from this” I’m pretty sure the only thing that gets you expelled at Hogwarts is if you have already straight up murdered someone

Tom Riddle: *straight up murdered someone*

Dumbledore: *keeps an annoyingly close eye on*

hagrid got expelled for keeping one (1) spider under his bed

Hagrid got expelled because his spider was blamed for one (1) murder

Hagrid got expelled because he was half giant and they found a convenient excuse.



shoutout to george, fred, and especially ron weasley for realizing that harry was stuck in abusive and unhealthy household and, in spite of the massive trouble they knew they could get in, taking immediate steps to personally see him removed from that environment, something no adult in harry’s life did.


new concept: finally being able to talk about snape’s characterisation without having to literally fight someone who thinks he did nothing wrong at all



It’s been literal years and I’m still not over Snape’s cloak-shrouded ass for asking an eleven year old muggle-raised kid the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane in front of the everyone on the first day. You want to know the difference? There is no fucking difference. They’re colloquial terms for the same fucking plant. He just wanted the intellectual upper hand over a goddamn little kid. “Haha, trick question”, so clever. you oily bag of tits

#did sirus write this



y’all will reblog jewish positivity posts but when it comes to standing up to antisemitism you’re ghosting

not to mention y’all would rather like this than reblog it. lol


*clicks on 8th-year fic*

“Slytherin House has been abolished* 

*closes fic*



the shape of water’s fishman looks like he’d wait till the third date to have sex and when we did it’d be in the candlelight with a handpicked lovemaking playlist on in the background meanwhile venom looks like he’d raw me in a gas station bathroom at 3am

Can everyone on this site just shut up

May 20 2018

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mutual: we should talk more!

me: yeah!





Stop calling females people with vaginas -_- it’s so gross and does nothing for the argument. If I’m talking about pregnancy and I say people with vaginas instead of women because not every woman can get pregnant , well that’s true, trans women exist, but there are also people with vaginas who can’t get pregnant either so that argument does nothing it’s literally equating someone to their genitals. We are arguing that females are more than their vaginas, uteruses, which has been the center of female oppression and is a woman’s issue but now we’re fucking equating ourselves to just that. 🤔😒

Pretty sure no one does this irl

It’s just cis women (and many don’t have vaginas)

I think you’re talking about medical professionals but that’s the norm

By saying “people with vaginas,” you include Trans Men and afab nonbinary people into the topic without having to type or say all of that in one go. You’re not just talking about women when you say “people with vaginas” so no actually, it’s not equating women to their genitals. Especially since not all women have vaginas either.

It’s a lot less rude than calling someone who has a vagina, “female” in a social setting.

May 19 2018


“I was in love with your mother but she chose someone else and then died, however I am a good person trying my best to look after you”



Thank you for coming to my TED talk goodnight

Snape isn’t a morally grey character. He’s a bad person who got to help the good guys for selfish, shitty reasons. Pearl isn’t even human and can’t be expected to fully act like one. We even just saw that she has a layered mental state to cope with the past, yet she does learn from her mistakes when given the chance, even when she messes up big time.

Literally anyone in the notes saying Snape is the actual better of the two have no idea what they’re talking about.


post i otherwise agree wholeheartedly with: and I bet you’re gonna scroll past this 😒

me, who got no time for this passive aggressive bullshit:

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this is true and I’m cackling

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