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May 20 2018

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mutual: we should talk more!

me: yeah!





Stop calling females people with vaginas -_- it’s so gross and does nothing for the argument. If I’m talking about pregnancy and I say people with vaginas instead of women because not every woman can get pregnant , well that’s true, trans women exist, but there are also people with vaginas who can’t get pregnant either so that argument does nothing it’s literally equating someone to their genitals. We are arguing that females are more than their vaginas, uteruses, which has been the center of female oppression and is a woman’s issue but now we’re fucking equating ourselves to just that. 🤔😒

Pretty sure no one does this irl

It’s just cis women (and many don’t have vaginas)

I think you’re talking about medical professionals but that’s the norm

By saying “people with vaginas,” you include Trans Men and afab nonbinary people into the topic without having to type or say all of that in one go. You’re not just talking about women when you say “people with vaginas” so no actually, it’s not equating women to their genitals. Especially since not all women have vaginas either.

It’s a lot less rude than calling someone who has a vagina, “female” in a social setting.

May 19 2018


“I was in love with your mother but she chose someone else and then died, however I am a good person trying my best to look after you”



Thank you for coming to my TED talk goodnight

Snape isn’t a morally grey character. He’s a bad person who got to help the good guys for selfish, shitty reasons. Pearl isn’t even human and can’t be expected to fully act like one. We even just saw that she has a layered mental state to cope with the past, yet she does learn from her mistakes when given the chance, even when she messes up big time.

Literally anyone in the notes saying Snape is the actual better of the two have no idea what they’re talking about.


post i otherwise agree wholeheartedly with: and I bet you’re gonna scroll past this 😒

me, who got no time for this passive aggressive bullshit:

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this is true and I’m cackling



i don’t know a fuckin THING dude. im gay. know some obscure facts. got adhd. i dont know a fuckin….

May 18 2018


Hey guys I just want to give a heads up. The book Adam by Ariel Schrag has been turned into a movie which has been named as one of the most exciting LGBTQ films of this year. I don’t want to spoil anybody’s fun but you should know before watching that the book is about a cis boy who pretends to be a trans man in order to persuade lesbians to sleep with him. 

This post has a plot summary that explains more about this concept and why it’s so harmful.

It is deeply deeply transphobic. It is lesbophobic as it features a corrective rape narrative (a lesbian does have sex with him and then decides she does love men after all). 

Here is a review of the book by a trans man. I have yet to find one by a lesbian but will edit this if I do. 

This book gives out incredibly harmful notions about trans men and lesbians that are used to hurt them in real life. It’s so entrenched in the narrative that I don’t see how the film can be any better. You can find more info in this twitter thread

I’d like to tell people to boycott it but I can’t tell you what to do. So instead I’m going to ask that you share this because it being named as an exciting new LGBTQ film is going to make LGBTQ teens want to see it. And they should know before hand how hurtful it could be. They should be able to arm themselves with that knowledge. 

Please reblog. 


@adhighdefinition I feel like a good analogy for taking meds is you’re taking a test and you don’t have a pencil. Everyone else does, but you don’t And so taking the test is super hard, I mean you can make do with other things but it’s super hard, but the meds give you a pencil. It doesn’t give you an advantage, it brings you to the same level as everyone else.

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You have to wear the same clothes your current icon wears every day for the rest of your life! How screwed are you?


i feel like i shouldn’t have to say this but i’m going to just in case

if you support pedophilia in any form (in media or real life) or if you support people who do unfollow and block me immediately because i don’t want you here 



smash that mf reblog if u hate pedophiles

You know that post with the broken likes? If this doesn’t get enough reblogs to crash the icon then I’m fucking rioting




it’s always amazing to watch adults discover how much changes when they don’t treat their perspective as the default human experience.

example: it’s been well-documented for a long time that urban spaces are more dangerous for kids than they are for adults. but common wisdom has generally held that that’s just the way things are because kids are inherently vulnerable. and because policymakers keep operating under the assumption that there’s nothing that can be done about kids being less safe in cities because that’s just how kids are, the danger they face in public spaces like streets and parks has been used as an excuse for marginalizing and regulating them out of those spaces.

(by the same people who then complain about kids being inside playing video games, I’d imagine.)

thing is, there’s no real evidence to suggest that kids are inescapably less safe in urban spaces. the causality goes the other way: urban spaces are safer for adults because they are designed for adults, by adults, with an adult perspective and experience in mind.

the city of Oslo, Norway recently started a campaign to take a new perspective on urban planning. quite literally a new perspective: they started looking at the city from 95 centimeters off the ground - the height of the average three-year-old. one of the first things they found was that, from that height, there were a lot of hedges blocking the view of roads from sidewalks. in other words, adults could see traffic, but kids couldn’t.

pop quiz: what does not being able to see a car coming do to the safety of pedestrians? the city of Oslo was literally designed to make it more dangerous for kids to cross the street. and no one realized it until they took the laughably small but simultaneously really significant step of…lowering their eye level by a couple of feet.

so Oslo started trimming all its decorative roadside vegetation down. and what was the first result they saw? kids in Oslo are walking to school more, because it’s safer to do it now. and that, as it turns out, reduces traffic around schools, making it even safer to walk to school.

so yeah. this is the kind of important real-life impact all that silly social justice nonsense of recognizing adultism as a massive structural problem can have. stop ignoring 1/3 of the population when you’re deciding what the world should look like and the world gets better a little bit at a time.

Empathy and universal design are for more than just people with disabilities.

Also, I love this quote: “it’s always amazing to watch adults discover how much changes when they don’t treat their perspective as the default human experience.”

*compassion and universal design 


don’t feel guilty for not being able to handle everything, for needing a break. you need to look after yourself, too. self care is not selfish.

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